IMTC "Vertical-Alaudin"

Rest at IMTC "Vertical-Alaudin" in the Fann Mountains

The International Mountaineer Tourist Center "Vertical-Alaudin" is situated in the very heart of the Fann mountains, in a fine picturesque valley of the Chapdara river, at a distance of a twenty-minute pleasant walk in the archa-tree forest to a crystal-clear and incredibly beautiful Alaudin lakes.

At the International Mountaineer Tourist Center "Vertical-Alaudin" we are glad to offer you:

  • accommodation in rooms for 2-4 pax in the cottages with electricity, shower, hot water, comfortable furniture,
  • accommodation at camping or tents on the territory of the Center,
  • three meals at the Center's restaurant; dishes of local cuisine and traditional European dishes will be offered to you (and cooking of dishes to preliminary order is possible),
  • the medical services,
  • a rescue team with the necessary set of equipment,
  • hire of special mountaineering equipment and outfit,
  • radio,
  • full information about peaks and passes, itineraries of ascents, hikes and trekking in the form of photographs, diagrams and maps,
  • additional services (hire of horses for outings around mountain ravines, the guides' services, donkeys, etc.).

The geographical situation of the IMTC "Vertical-Alaudin" is very convenient. All the trekking, hiking, climbing itineraries worked out for this area, begin and end here. It takes from one to four hours to get from the ITMC "Vertical-Alaudin" to the start of the climbing itineraries.

The staff of the Center will do all the best to enable you to enjoy your hliidays in the Fanns.

We want all the quests of IMTC "Vertical-Alaudin" to feel as at home.

of the services of International Mountaineer Tourist Center “VERTICAL-ALAUDIN” in the Fann mountains (Tajikistan)
season 2007
1. Transport by bus with assistant Tashkent-Samarkand (8-30 pax)
2. Transport by microbus Tashkent-Samarkand (4-8 pax)
3. Transport by car with assistant Tashkent-Samarkand (1-3 pax)
4. Transportation by bus, truck with assistant Samarkand-IMTC, (210 km) (8-14 pax)
5. Transportation by microbus with assistant Samarkand-IMTC, Khudjand-IMTC, Dushanbe-IMTC (210 km) (3-8 pax)
6. Transportation by car and jeep with assistant Samarkand-IMTC, Khudjand-IMTC, Dushanbe-IMTC (210 km) (1-4 pax)
7. Accommodation in the cottages at IMTC (bed and linen, electricity, shower and hot water, medical treatment)
- Room for one person, per night for room 20
- Room for two persons, per night per room 20
- Room for three persons, per night per room 30
- Room for four persons, per night per room 40
8. Tents on the territory of IMTC, per tent per day 5
9. Breakfast in mountain restaurant at IMTC, per pax 3
10. FB in the mountain restaurant at ITMC, per pax 18
11. FB pack of products for treks and climbing, per pax 15
12. Trekking guide service, per day 25
13. Highmountain experienced guide for climbing, per day 40-60-80
14. Assistant, cook for treks and camp during climb or trek, per day 15
15. Hire of donkey, per donkey per day 5
16. Information about route of ascents, climbing, trekking, so on Free
17. Service of rescue team According to invoice
18. Gas cartridge for gas stove 12
19. Rent of radio, per day 5
20. Sattelite telephone, per min 5
21. Assistance in registration On request

Additionally must be paid on spot (local governmental fees)

  1. Fee for travel in the Fann mountains (below 6000m) - 50 usd per pax
  2. Ecliogical fee for travel in the Fann mountains - 1 usd per pax per day
  3. Registration fee (registration of national passport in the pliice) - 24 usd per pax for whlie stay