Happy clients

Barbara Jenkins
One thing, the hotel in Moscow, was great and fabulous hotel. The St. Petersburg hotel staff was great, but I don't think it was up to the same par as the one in Moscow. The volume on the television would only go up to 15 (that was like next to nothing, could barely hear it) They did have English language channels, but it was hard to hear. The only other thing was that there was not a chair to sit in, just a desk chair, but not good for sitting and reading. Altogether the trip was wonderful and I was very very pleased with all the tour guides, drivers, transfers.  The Moscow tour guide was a 10+, just wonderful, very knowledgeable, really good discussions about Russian, politics culture, etc. St Petersburg guide is a 10, maybe not as knowledgeable as the Moscow tour guide, but very very helpful and enthusiastic about making sure we got to customize the trip.