Happy clients

Rashel Sold

Almost two weeks since we returned from our visit to Russia and I am still recuperating from the massive tour and the many wonderful palaces, museums and other interesting spots that we were able to visit, admire and enjoy.

No doubt that you set-up a memorable tour with the utmost possibilities and I can only sumarise it with one word - BRAVO !!!

You even fixed a perfect weather, what more could we ask for???

The train, even though in economy class, was comfortable and pleasent. Even the meal box was not as bad as one could expect.

The hotels were comfortable and clean, maybe overcrowded at meals...

The guides, Elena in Moscow and Alex in St. Petersburg, were friendly, nice, helpfull and with utmost will to please and satisfy each and everyone in the group. They had fanthastic knowledge and while Elena is excelant with English language Alex is a walking Encyclopedia. We enjoyed being with them and I would appreciate if you could transfer our thanks as a group and my personal appreciation being the poor and tough leader. I sometimes gave them, especialy Alex, hard time but not because I wanted to make it hard on them but rather to not loose control of the group as one unit. It was not easy for any of us to lead 37 people and I truly and honestly appreciate the great help, assistance and

cooperation granted to me by the two dear friends!!!

My friends can often be typical Israeli and make nasty comments / remarks. Even on this tour some behaved rude. Please tell both guides that if any of them was hurt by someone I apologise for it. Unfortunately it is beyond my control to

change grown-up people.

The gala dinner was the bonus of it all. We never even dreamed or expected something so wonderful. You made us feel like one of the Tzars/Tzarinas. A real and special THANK YOU for this.

And last but not least, it was a special pleasure and honour for me to communicate with you. Your readines to meet all of our requests, your thoghuts of the smallest details and professional knowledge of setting the program made it very easy for me.

I was often wondering what will it be like? Am I right giving my confident in an unfamiliar agent in Russia rather than use a local one?

Not only that I was not even once disapointed. On the contrary, it was a real pleasure for me to have you as a partner for the game.

Thank you from me personaly for a job well done and for making our tour most beautiful and memorable.