Happy clients

Students CIEE

Hi Mikhail,

The students are now settled in at MGIMO and I have a minute to give you some feedback on our stay at Holiday Inn Sokolniki and city excursion.

Regarding the hotel: the students and I found the rooms comfortable and clean. The staff was very pleasant and accessible. They provided registrations with no errors or reminders (often this is a problem at hotels). The conference room was a good size and had the equipment we needed. Staff provided support with IT issues.

Regarding food: the breakfast buffet offers a nice selection. Students always enjoy it. The one complaint (and it's not really a complaint, just a reminder to myself), the food at dinner is very generic. It is not bad, but it is not unique. For the price I think we can do better at another restaurant.

Regarding the city bus tour: Gennady did an excellent job of giving student the right amount of information and orienting them to the city. We made several stops -- at the Ukraine hotel to see the Panorama (this was new for me and very interesting), at Novodevichy Convent, at MGU, and at Red Square. It was a fabulous start to the student's year in Moscow. We are looking forward to the tour of the Kremlin with him on Sunday.

Regarding the drivers for both the bus tour and our transfer to MGIMO: no complaints, they were polite and drove safely.

Thank you for your help organizing this very successful event!