Happy clients

Dear Michael

We are safely back in South Africa.

I gives me great pleasure to inform you that there is not one tour member who is not extremely satisfied with the tour you designed and organised for our group!

We all enjoyed the program tremendously, and the good guides you used made this tour very special!

Russia is such an interesting country. Moscow is really great, and the Golden Ring cities with Tver and Novgorod (and especially Sergev Posad! ) were wonderful! I am so grateful that you assisted me to go there! And then St Petersburg - the most beautiful city in the world!! We enjoyed it so much! So much art, so much beauty - everywhere! And here Tanya did such a good job! We think she is the best guide in the world! And then she has such good humor as well!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for these wonderful days. Thanks also for the upgrade of the hotels in Moscow and St Petersburg - we loved the hotels.  (And even in Suzdal - I am still looking for the wooden huts... !!!) Our hotel was of course much better than any hut...

We loved the lunch in Vladimir as well as the first night's dinner in St Petersburg. Thank you so much.

Hope you received the African mask I sent with our guide.


My next tour in 2018

I want to bring another group in August 2018. Almost the same itinerary.  7 - 17 August 2018 (possibly with an annex from 17 - 19 to Valaam)

I will send you my proposal for the program - I want to leave out a few places to give the group more free time, especially in Moscow. And perhaps we can try to offer a postlude (as an extra) to Valaam - only to the people who are willing to pay extra. Tanya also said it is a very special place. (I will prepare the proposal in July and send it to you, so that you have it when you get time to look at it...)

I do not want to wait to long to finalise the tour, because everybody is going to enquire about next year's Russia tour now, and I must get it on our web page ASAP. But if it almost stays the same, you could give me the green light and I can start marketing.

Michael, a warm thank you again to you!

Best wishes

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