Happy clients

"Topgraffiti" Vladimiro Farina
Hi Michael!
Last week I had a calling with the prof and received a detailed report of the trip.
In general the people were satisfied about the trip but there was a difference of quality of services between the south and the north.

The south part, Led, Pskov and Novgorod was very well planned. Except the wrong dinner in restaurant the second day, all the services was of high level. The key of the trip was the guide, the prof said she is exceptional! She was so close to them all the time, also extra time not included. All to give them the best attention and create the better feeling with the visited places. She loves the country and her job as few other guides around the world. A special thanks to her from all the group.
There was just a little question about the Pskov hotel as they was at the 3 stars hotel but the breakfast and dinner was at the 4 stars hotel. I justified the solution as I remember there was no space for the group in the 4 stars, right? I think, seen the low difference in price between the 2 hotels, there was no other reason to give them a lower hotel.

The north. Here there were several things not really good as the local management was not so much involved. The guide was not comparable to the one in LED, about knowledge and explanations and in particular about the management of the days spent there. She was not available to explain and show her region. Few words, few interest, many "not" to requests to stop on the road and visit some alternatives. She seems to be not much interested of the job.

I think the tour was planned to get success. The guide in LED raised a lot the already good quality. The guide in Carelia burned part of the exceptional work made in the south but at the end the feedback was positive for all of them.

Please let me have your comments.
Thanks and ciao!

Vladimiro Farina

General Manager
Graffiti Sotto la Lente