Happy clients

Lincoln J
Hi Hope,

I wanted to email you and tell you that everything - every thing - on this tour went perfectly. It was a model for how a tour in St. Petersburg should be. The planning, the visa company, the hotel, the pickup and drop off and the touring were expertly done. This tour was smooth and efficient - we got to, and saw everything without aggravation and so could genuinely enjoyed the trip.

Our pickup and drop off by Ali was done comfortably, smoothly and efficiently. He was a warm and welcoming fellow who got us in and out at the airport and hotel including check in and check.

Our guide Tanya Svatodumova was spectacular. She got us into what we wanted to see, despite massive crowds and provided spot on analysis and critiques of art, culture, history and daily life throughout the days. The day at the Hermitage was outstanding, long and terrific.

Sergei Levshenkov, our driver was also fantastic. He was attentive, safe, punctual and helpful.

At one point I turned to Kim and said “these two are the dream team.”

The best example was when we needed an extra bag. As we were wrapping up our time before the final drop off, the two of them took a route to get us exactly what we needed in a local shop. You could see the discussions and the work they were doing to get us what we needed.

I cannot recommend this pair highly enough and I know myself well enough to say my standards are pretty high.

I wanted to let you know about this. I understand my friend Marianne Dinsmore is likely using Kensington for a substantial trip to Africa based on our referall to/through you. I hope her trip goes as well as ours. I understand Kensington is expensive but in the final analysis it was worth every penny.

This is a perfect example of what happened. It’s a snap of Kim and Tonya directly in front of one of the two Da Vinci’s in the Hermitage.