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Just pulled back in from Russia and wanted to let you guys know the trip was incredible.   Ilya got to meet some of the workers there who knew him at the orphanage and we were able to walk around the orphanage for ½ day and then went to hospital and also talked with agency that handles adoption.   The people there really wanted to help us.  They thought it was cool that we were back looking for his roots   We found out his birth mother’s name – Oxana Nickoli Kereshenko  - and that she was 28 and this was her 2nd pregnancy.  So somewhere Ilya has a sibling.    Moscow is so much nicer that it used to be.   I really like Russia.  Really amazing history and just place I really like.   But even better for Ilya to get closer to finding out his roots.  

We will go back there for sure and hope to meet his mother.  We are going to work on some legal stuff with Russia and US but hope to get permission to speak to his birth mother if she wants.  This was really start of the adventure that is going to take little more time than I thought but we found out so much

Russia really is beautiful country.     Here are some pics.   The one with Ilya and those 2 ladies are ladies who worked with him when he was baby.

The translator and guide for first 2 days really deserves some accolades from her boss.  Impossible to say how great she was.  Kind, great English, smart and caring.     The one for last day was also good but the one for first day was just super.

Thank you for everything!!  This was amazing event in my son’s life.   I could not be happier with the tour package