Happy clients

Howard (and Imy)
Hello Collette,

We are soon saying goodnight to our last day in Russia.  We will be picked up (hopefully) at 5 AM tomorrow morning for our 8:20 AM Lufthansa flight to Munich continuing on to Chicago.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in managing our travels and tours.  Our guides, Elena in St. Petersburg and Svetlana in Moscow, were truly outstanding.  They were extremely knowledgeable, spoke English perfectly, and were delightful to be with.

I would also compliment Kensington on the vast majority of their organizing.  There were a few things that bothered me and believe they deserve to be shared with them:

     We had an excelllent car (Toyota  Camray) and Driver (Michael) during our stay in St Petersburg.     The car was clean and bottles of water were readily available to us.

     Also, though not a huge problem:  our seats on the train from St. Petersburg were, in my opinion, anything but first class even though our car #2 was called “first class.”  In fact car #1 had the type of seating that was, in fact, first class.  I don’t know what we paid for car #2 but would certainly have preferred the seating in car #1 however, we never were presented this as an option.  It was a less than comfortable 4 hour train ride..... and with no guidance as to how to use the wi-fi.  It seems to me that the train booking and instructions in English would have been an opportunity for them to demonstrate a
High-touch level of service that would have distinguished them from those miss the details and dropped the ball.

I must say that we found each of our hotels comfortable and worthy of they five-star ratings.  Indon’t Think we could have been any more satisfied were we to have stayed at the Four Seasons or the Ritz.
Each of the locations was perfectly situated.  Even so, we did a ton of walking