Happy clients

Dear Michael

We are back home - today a week already! My apologies that I am writing to you now only.

First of all: Thank you VERY much for the well organised tour you had prepared for us! The entire group had a wonderful time, and I am still getting messages of thanks and praise about the tour. We all enjoyed the tour thoroughly.

I am already planning our next tour for 2019. I think it should be at the end of July like this year.

I also have the following ideas: to present a second tour with music and ballet performances - and to include the Valaar monastary in this one. Tanya told me that it is possible to do it with hydro-something boat! in one day, and that that could cut considerable cost. What do you think? Perhaps we could then cut some of the otherr visits as well, to keep the lenth of the tour almost the same as the past one.

My next idea is to have a Christmas Tour to Russia. To include Moscow, Boshoi Ballet and a few extraordinary visits in Moscow, and to go by train to St Petersburg (4-5 hours?). There an orchestral performance, Catharine Palace and the Hermitage, etc. What about a sleigh ride on the snow at Pavlovska? What else would you suggest. This tour could be a little shorter...I thought we could include a luxurious dinner in a larger beautiful place at or near Christmas perhaps with a chamber ensemble?  

Michael, thank you again for our wonderful tour!

Kind regards