Founded in 1152 by the Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, Kostroma city is situated on the left bank of the River Volga.

The town's pride is the st. Ipaty Monastery, famous for being patronised by the Romanov Dynasty. Here in 1613 young Mikhail Romanov was blessed to become the Tsar of Russia. We also invite you to visit the Trinity Cathedral to admire the 17th century frescoes, and the Cathedral of the Epiphany Monastery with the icon of St.Theodora Virgin that is believed to perform miracles.

Kostroma is famous with its wonderful architectural monuments, Ipatyevsky Convent (16th-17th cent.) and the Church of Resurrection on Debra River (1652).

The St. Trinity Ipatyevsky Convent founded in the beginning of XIV century in honor of the blessed Trinity and Saint Hypatia is one of the main ancient sightseeings in the whole Russia.

Ipatyevsky Convent is located in a beautiful place, where the Kostroma River flows into Volga. The St. Trinity Cathedral of Convent is a powerful, monumental structure beautifully ornamented and decorated with the wall-paintings of Sila Slavin and Guriy Nikitin and their team. The wall-paintings look amazingly inspiring and display fantastic artistic flair of the artists, who managed to express the richest gamut of human feelings raised by the awe of God and anxious expectation of talking with God.

The Church of Resurrection on Debra river is the only ancient church in Kostroma city preserved till today that fully reflects the past. In the Soviet times corn and vegetables were stored in the church up to 1964 when it became a cathedral after the one of Assumption had been destructed.

The name of the church “on Debra” is closely related to a primeval forest that was there in ancient times. It is worth to note that the first wooden church of Resurrection was built by Vasily Yaroslavovittsh, a prince of Kostroma (1248-1276), in the 13th century.