Uglich is a historical town in Yaroslavl oblast of Russia situated on the Volga river. The town was founded in 937 as a border fortress of Moscovy Principality.

The end of XVI century was memorized as a favorable time for Uglich when it became to be the town where major events in Russian history took place. When Prince Dmitry died, the dynasty of Ryurik was replaced by the dynasty of Romanovs whose members of the family originated from Uglich.

Uglich is one of the most precious towns of the Golden Ring as it has numerous buildings of ancient architecture. Among them are such as the Kremlin with the Duke's chamber, Dmitry on Blood church (1692) and the Transfiguration of the Savior cathedral, the ensembles of Alexeevsky, Voskresensky (the Resurrection) and Theophany monasteries (1680).

Uglich has preserved both historical and cultural traditions of Russia. Magnificent Uglich museums are the samples of cultural heritage and ancient Russian traditions.

Kremlin in Uglich

Kremlin in Uglich is called as Uglich fortress comfortably situated on the banks of the Volga river. Close to Kremlin are located magnificent Dormition Church and Church of Prince Dimitri On Blood. The churches best reflect the ancient architecture of 17 century. An example of 15th century architecture - the Duke's Chamber, the Resurrection Monastery and Uglich Museum of History and Arts can be observed within the territory of the Kremlin.

The Church of Prince Dimitri On Blood (1692)

The church is the most prominent and historical buildings in Uglich. It was constructed by a special order of Peter the Great on the place where Tsarevich Dmitry died that explains why the church is called "On Blood". For the same reason the building was painted in red colour to immortalize the place where the blood was spilled. The church has an important historical significance as it symbolizes the story of life of young Tsarevich Dmitry in a chronological order. Nowadays, the church and the ground floor turned into a museum.

The Palace of Tsarevich Dmitry

The palace represents the oldest building in the town of Uglich. Founded in 1480 it is one of a few Russian palaces preserved till today. The palace partly reflects the life of Dmitri who lived there from 1584 to 1591. In past the palace was significant as Dmitri's residence but today it turned into a magnificent museum.