Hotels in Suzdal

Pushkarskaya Sloboda hotel is the only 4-stars hotel in Vladimir region and one of the two all over the Golden Ring of Russia. The main destinction of the hotel is the architectural composition that composes of the monuments of XiX century, new buildings of modern style represented by wooden houses. Everyone can feel the spirit of antiquity combined with the atmosphere of russian village.

Goryachiye Klyuchi is another popular place for foreign guests of Suzdal known for its convenient location in the centre of the city surrounded by a beautiful landscape with its own pond. The hotel complex based at the place known for its spring water.

Hotel & tourist complex Tourcentre is located in 250 km away from Moscow surrounded by Kamenka river with the most extended territory for an ideal rest and opportunities for arranging various corporate events. The hotel complex includes hotel Suzdal that can accommodate up to 290 guests, lodge and motels located near Suzdal hotel.