Novodevichiy Convent & Cemetery

Novodevichiy Convent & Cemetery


1 Novodevichy Proezd, tel: 246-8526
metro station: Sportivnaya

Working Hours:

Closed on Monday
Open: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays and first Monday of every month.
Evening tours are also available.

Enrtrance fee:

Convent - 10 EUR
Cemetry - 6 EUR

The convent was founded in 1524 by Grand Duke Basil the Third to commemorate the liberation of Smolensk from the Lithuanian domination. The architectural ensemble of the Convent had been completed by the end of 17th century. 

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk - the most ancient stone building of the Convent - has preserved unique wall fresco painting of the 16th century and a magnificent carved icinistasis with icons by outstanding masters of that time. 

The Convent has also been a burial-place of russian boyars and royal family members, veterans of the War of 1812, writers, historians and statesmen. In 2004 Novodevichy Conveте was entered in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.